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Hey, I’m Daria and my goal is to help you live better! I was in professional sport from a young age and in particular in rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, aerial equilibrium and sports acrobatics, where at the age of 15 I have got a rank of Candidate Master of Sports. All of those required a certain level of flexibility. And, indeed, it’s not something you are born with, it’s coming with a hard work on your mind & body. When you are working on flexibility, you enjoy the journey and as a benefit your body is able to do more! Soon after doing sports myself I became a second coach and started training kids and adults both. Now, improving my teaching skills I’ve reached being a personal trainer for functional, gym trainings and pilates. Stretching stays an important and irreplaceable part of any workouts and your lifestyle itself. Never late to start!



Why Choose Our Classes

This online platform was created to offer flexibility trainings in order for you to join from around the world, whether you are at home, your gym or anywhere else. Stretching is not only useful for gaining flexibility of muscles, but your body needs it to improve overall health, increase energy in daily life, also to boost the movement range and get a better balance of your body!

Are online trainings as effective as in person?

Absolutely! If you follow the coach’s instructions you will reach results in the same amount of time as in the live classes. Also you save time from going to the studio and get the comfort of being in your own space.

Is there a class men can attend?

All the group classes are only for ladies, as the trainings are built especially for female bodies.All the group classes are only for ladies, as the trainings are built especially for female bodies.

Are there any risks to get a trauma exercising online?

You may be sure that every exercise is explained in details by the coach and you are going to listen to your body that will minimize the risks of getting injuries. If you are having any problem, you can always ask it during the class or contact us later.

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